Reality Gaming Group presents the DAT platform: create and sell digital goods

The DAT platform allows developers to create and sell digital goods

Developers and Game creators can produce limited edition NFTs based on their IP using the open-source blockchain toolkit, Digital Asset Trading (DAT) by Reality Gaming Group, creators of the AR blockchain game Reality Clash.

The new platform helps developers to create new revenue streams by turning their IP items into blockchain-based tokens. The tokens can be traded between fans and players using dedicated marketplaces.

The DAT platform, as reported by Reality Gaming Group, will take care of the heavy work required to tokenize items on the blockchain. The dedicated online store will be the go-to place for gamers to buy and trade items in a p2p manner.

Developers can generate revenue by selling digital assets and recurring revenue for subsequent trades. A familiar element from the ERC-1155 token standard, which allows developers to impose a trading fee directly to the token. DAT platform also provides valuable insights and customer behaviors through asset trading activity.

Reality, which counts over 20 years of experience in the gaming sector, is going to develop new games with DAT support. At the same time, brands such as F1, NFL, and Paramount are already leveraging the benefits of collectible digital assets.

“We’re tremendously excited to offer our DAT Platform solution and development services to other game creators and brands, who are now able to leverage the power of the blockchain to generate revenues from the world of digital collectibles, with all barriers to entry removed. Tokenizing digital assets is now expanding to include art, real estate and even digital images of famous people – Everything has a digital value!”

Tony Pearce, Co-Founder of Reality Gaming Group.

Issuing in-game items as a token on the blockchain eliminate the use of shady markets through the use of smart contracts, transparency and security are the two main pillars of tokenization while the owner gets to keep the item forever, stored in the personal wallet.

Reality Gaming Group is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance and developers of the Reality Clash.