Brawlers: The Next-Gen Web3 Combat Game Gets a Refreshing Makeover

Brawlers: The Next-Gen Web3 Combat Game Gets a Refreshing Makeover

Web3 combat gaming sensation, previously recognized as Blockchain Brawlers, has embarked on a new journey, rebranding itself to the more straightforward “Brawlers.”

The decision stems from the game’s intent to connect with a broader audience, sidestepping the potential complexities of blockchain, NFTs, and Web3 that may intimidate some gamers. Donning this new identity will solely focus on the game’s core essence, eliminating any misconceptions tied to its former title.

Broadening Horizons for Gamers Worldwide

The past half-year has seen the Brawlers team meticulously strategizing and implementing steps to make their offering more inclusive. The ultimate goal is to amplify the game’s universal appeal and to strike the right balance between growth and accessibility. Some of the noteworthy strides in this direction include:

  • Platform Enhancement: The introduction of PC and Mac clients, moving away from the confinements of WebGL, promises gamers an enriched experience.
  • Inclusive Access: Brawlers has shattered the Cloud Wallet ownership barrier, granting game entry to everyone. Coupled with this is the smooth account set-up within the Cloud Wallet interface. Gamers can now benefit from up to ten Single Sign-On alternatives – a move that mirrors the choices they encounter regularly. Moreover, establishing a Cloud Wallet account for Brawlers comes at zero cost, beckoning enthusiastic players to dive right in.

What’s Next for Brawlers?

In alignment with the game’s vision for greater exposure, minimizing “Blockchain” mentions across different game sections is on the horizon. Though the game’s website will see a facelift, it may slightly lag behind the client update.

The Brawlers team highly appreciates community feedback. Players are encouraged to voice their insights on the game’s Discord channel, helping shape Brawlers’ roadmap towards broader acceptance.