Interview with Forest Knight blockchain multiverse game by Meltoid

Meltelbrot #4 – A Forest Knight’s quest to change the landscape of gaming. Author's notes: Please note this interview was conducted pre X-mas. I do this for a hobby, and freelance for community interest. Big ups to eGamers for...
Exoplanets mining contest

Exoplanets Mining Contest Launching January 1st

The Multiplayer 3D space game Exoplanets is celebrating the new year with a mining contest! Starting January 1st and until January 14th, the ExoPlanets beta game timer will be...
Cubego, lego on the blockchain blockchain game emont alliance

Cubego Temporarily Suspends Game Development

An unfortunate announcment was made yesterday by the Cubego team. Cubego Presale did not meet expectation in raising fund for development, as a result, the game is temporarily suspended.
CryptoFights Pre-sale and giveaway for January 1st 2019

CryptoFights Pre-Sale: Starting January 1st & Giveaway

Buying gifts for your beloved ones on new years eve? Think twice because Dolce & Gabbana perfumes are expensive, with only $25 you can gift a CryptoFights item, forever!
EnjinX blockchain explorer by Enjin Coin for Ethereum network

Meet EnjinX – The Google of Blockchain

To celebrate the launch of EnjinX, Enjin is hosting an ERC-1155 token giveaway, which will give participants the chance to win 16,000 items backed by 200,000 ENJ.
Exoplanets beta game

Exoplanets Beta Launch

The 3D blockchain game based on scientific data by NASA becomes the first real-time multiplayer game to play! The game will contain 3700 ExoPlanets that players can own and...
CryptoFights Blockchain Game Closed Beta Announcement

Apply For The CryptoFights Closed Beta

Great news from the ENJ Multiverse game CryptoFights. David Schiller, lead developer of CryptoFights said in our recent interview that it's a matter of time until they present the...
My Crypto Heroes and Blockchain Cuties event

My Crypto Heroes & Blockchain Cuties Happy Holidays Event

The trending crypto game MCH (My Crypto Heroes) introduced a collaboration event with the popular breeding game Blockchain Cuties. MCH players are able to attack nodes and get Cuties...
bitgolf blockchain game

BitGolf – The 3D Crypto Games Launches Second Round of Presale

The second pre-sale of the items used in BitGolf, a full 3D blockchain game provided by VX NETWORK.,Ltd. (CEO Michael C. Chung) is going on. Item presales is a general...
Enjin X the Enjin Coin blockchain explorer

Enjin X & Internal Exchange For Enjin Wallet Coming Soon

The Enjin Coin Blockchain Explorer will soon be available for all users. With a tweet, Enjin is preparing the ground and spreading the word around X which is going...