CBS Studios Ventures Into NFT World with “Star Trek Continuum”

CBS Studios Ventures Into NFT World with

CBS Studios (Paramount) has successfully secured the trademark “Star Trek Continuum” for use in the digital realm of NFTs and crypto collectibles. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) confirmed this move, allowing the globally recognized Star Trek brand to expand its reach into the ever-growing blockchain world.

Trademark Details

The Star Trek franchise character mark was officially registered on August 8th after an application process that began in April. This newfound trademark paves the way for an online marketplace geared specifically towards NFT-authenticated digital crypto collectibles and video clips. Among the proposed offerings, the “Star Trek Continuum” NFT range will highlight various starships from the vast Star Trek universe. An enticing feature of these NFTs is the customization option, granting users a sense of ownership and individuality with their digital assets.

A Future Fused with Tradition

Star Trek’s long-standing allure keeps attracting devotees worldwide, even from within the burgeoning crypto community. Captain James T. Kirk’s legendary actor, William Shatner, actively participates in both spheres. His engagements include speaking at the 2023 Consensus conference, and he plans to grace the stage again in 2024. With CBS Studios integrating the esteemed “Star Trek Continuum” into the world of NFTs and crypto collectibles, it’s evident that traditional franchises’ convergence with novel blockchain technologies is drawing increased scrutiny and enthusiasm.