Chain Games to Release Competitive Video Games Implementation

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Chain Games to release competitive Video Games implementation starting with Call of Duty Modern Warfare and plans for more mainstream games to follow.

Users will be able to play CoD MW, compete on BattleRoyale and Multiplayer battles, while earning CHAIN rewards based on their performance measured in kills achieved, points gathered, wins, and more. 

Chain Games

Chain Games is a gaming ecosystem that develops competitive games, the platform allows any developer to integrate their product, and aims to partner with giant gaming studios. Chain Games has already secured a partnership with the entertainment platform Atari.

Users can join any related game with the Chain Games ecosystem and compete with others for Crypto rewards based on their skills.

Super Crypto Kart, the initial title of Chain Games, is already live. Super Crypto Kart is a blockchain game where you can compete on peer-to-peer multiplayer battles and wager on the outcome. The game is currently available for both PC and Android devices.

Chain Token is already listed in various exchanges offering utility for the Chain Games ecosystem, staking rewards, and will allow holders to have voting rights.

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George Tsagkarakis
George Tsagkarakis
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