Crazy Defense Heroes Overview

Crazy Defense Heroes Overview

Crazy Defense Heroes is an enjoyable, mobile Tower-Defense Game with great graphics (for its kind) available for Android and iOS by Animoca Brands, a Gaming company focusing on blockchain games valued at $1 billion.

In Crazy Defense Heroes, players will soon be able to use and earn in-game items in the form of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens.) A next-generation ownership standard that allows you, and every other player to truly own the in-game assets and sell them in any NFT marketplace.

In regular games, selling in-game assets is not only impossible sometimes, but you risk getting your account banned as it’s not allowed, although, in Blockchain games, this is the standard way of playing, often called “Play-to-Earn.”

New June Event:

Gather 250,000 Avatar XP points until June, 31, 2021 and become eligible to claim a portion of the 750,000 TOWER Tokens pool!

While Crazy Defense Heroes is not yet on the blockchain, the developers have completed an event in April distributing 300,000 Tower Tokens worth $0.025 each to every player who managed to earn 25,000 Experience points. In addition, the first Tower Chest sale containing NFTs was successfully completed a while ago.

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Gameplay Introduction.

Now That you know what an NFT is, let’s talk about the game.

Your goal is to strategically place the towers to defend your base and keep the enemy minions outside your gates.

To do this, you spend energy points every time a level is completed. Energy replenishes at the rate of one every nine minutes.


You will start at the first Map called Greenwood, which is divided into 30 levels. As you progress, new levels and islands get unlocked. At the end of each Map, there is a Boss to fight. 

Besides the campaigns, you can also fight in various Raids with limited edition levels, and once completed, the game rewards you with chests and multiple materials. 

Raids are updated every 24 hours.

Crazy Defense Heroes Overview

Crazy Defense Heroes Cards:

There are three different types of cards that you can use in the Crazy Defense Heroes game. All cards require “Mana” energy to be used, and “Mana” is replenished by either killing minions or when the following minions wave arrives.

Tower Cards:

These cards are “Battle Cards” that you place on the tower spots to defend your base. Tower cards can be upgraded during a battle, and their primary focus is to stop the enemy minions. Some cards can do AOE (Area of Effect) damage, while others excel in ranged and melee attacks. They come in Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities.

Spell Cards:

These are your Spells. Spells are an essential part of the gameplay to defend your base with a diverse range of abilities successfully. Each Spell card has a cooldown period, and they can not be navigated around the area, in contrast to Hero cards. 

Hero Cards:

These are units that can be played anywhere in the fight, and they take damage, meaning that they can faint in battle. Hero cards can revive in a battle with full health at the same location they died. Reviving them, though needs one gem for the first time, which doubles every time.

Crazy Defense Heroes Overview
Crazy Defense Heroes Overview 30


Think of it as a hero, but it can’t be upgraded like the cards. The level of your avatar will determine the base statistics it has, and you can customize it through equipment cards such as weapons and armor. Every player has an avatar, and it’s a main component of the gameplay. With each completed challenge, your avatar gets automatically upgraded.


Use Scavenge to exchange energy for various materials and gold.


By completing the various available quests, you can earn chests that contain cards, materials, and gold.


Crazy Defense Heroes allows you to create your clan or join another. Clans, through clan quests, earn points that can be redeemed for various resources, including cards.


In missions, you place your cards, and depending on the requirements, you win materials such as gold, chests, gems, and more. Every mission has a time limit to complete, and before each mission, you will get a notice on the percentage of achieving it. For example, if a mission says 90%, you have 90% chances based on your current deck to succeed and get the loot.

Final Thoughts.

Overall, Crazy Defense Heroes is a great mobile game. While the blockchain technology isn’t yet implemented, it’s worth trying out the game as it’s super fun, and the later updates will feature a play-to-earn economy.

Crazy Defense Heroes has millions of players worldwide, and it’s a real trojan horse for blockchain gaming into the gaming industry. Thank you for reading out Crazy Defense Heroes Overview.