Cryptobots P2E Game Ready To Be Launched!

The game just launched with a $50,000 tournament.
Cryptobots P2E Game Just Launched!

Cryptobots, the first P2E economic-centered game, launched today, October 26th, with only early-access community members being able to try the game! Additionally, early access members will have the chance to participate in the alliance tournament with a $50,000 prize pool.

However, as Cryptobots says, the first-day access is already full, but you can sign up right now as you only have a little time until day 2.

Being an early access member is much more beneficial as you will be rewarded more with less competition. Early access also includes a head-start in the $50,000 tournament.

Cryptobots released a guide on how to quickly become an early access member. Follow the steps below, and voila!

First, you need to sign up for Early Access — the Cryptobots Game launches with a queue, meaning a limited number of players can enter in the first days after launch!

 To ensure fair play in the tournament, all Alliance members with over 100 queue points or 3+ Genesis Bots get guaranteed access in the very first days!

Secondly, you would need to create or join an existing Alliance — this completes your registration and gives you both early access and Alliance bonuses!

On top of that, joining an Alliance also comes with bonuses, like higher rewards for all battles and access to scholarships — explore all bonuses and join an Alliance now on Cryptobots Discord!