Dark Country to Host P2E Land Playtest

Dark Country Land Gameplay

Dark Country, an American gothic-style trading card game, will host a playtest for the Lands gameplay on WAX and FLOW blockchain testnets.

The playtest will take place from November 1st to 7th, after verifying all submissions, and will only last for a couple of weeks.

Participants and winners will receive various prizes, and the TOP 5% of the playtesters with the highest influence level on their lands will receive 10 Packs and 5 Revival Booster each.

Players will have the chance to experience the in-game land activities through the playtest, with 6,000 land plots out of 10,000 being available for special game activities.

Each land has a different building structure and buff traits for heroes whose goal is exploration and farming.

Feel free to make your submissions to join the Dark Country Lands P2E playtest. Make sure to fill the form by October 31st.

What is Dark Country?

DC is a known trading card game in the blockchain gaming space with gothic-style art, set in a somber Wild West setting that features zombies, ghosts, demons and more.

Inspired by the classic titles Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, Dark Country re-invents the wheel by adding multiple gameplay elements on its core.

The game features incredible artwork with over 200 cards, 500,000 NFTs distributed and a playable Alpha version since September 2020.

Visit Dark Country website.