Don’t Miss CGC|NFT 2.0 Tomorrow 10-13 June


Since the start of the year 2021, the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) market has been booming, thanks to the growing trend of use of NFTs in blockchain gaming and the social media attention they have been getting lately. 

“But what on earth are NFTs?” 

“Why are they becoming so popular?” 

“NFTs and multiplayer games? How does that work?” 

If that sounds like you, get yourself registered for free for the upcoming CGC|NFT 2.0 Conference where more than 50 expert speakers will gather to share their knowledge on blockchain technology, NFTs, and blockchain games. 

The CGC|NFT 2.0 Conference will be held on June 10th and 11th. Be a part of this conference to hear from the top experts in the blockchain industry about upcoming projects and the application of blockchain technology to provide solutions to real-world problems and challenges. 

Speakers and Events

There are several sessions by credible speakers on different topics related to blockchain, which will help you expand your knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency, gaming, and NFTs.

Notable Events

  • The State of the Market by Skirmantas Januškas by CEO and Co-Founder DappRadar: A closer look at the ongoing situation of NFT market and discussion of DappRadar
  • How NFTs Can be Integrated into Traditional Mobile Game Experiences by Adrian Krion, CEO Spielworks GmbH: A talk on challenges faced by gaming companies to bring NFTs to mobile gaming and the solutions to these challenges
  • A session by George Tsagkarakis from and co-founder of AlienWorlds Sarojini McKenna
  • Esports, Gaming, and NFTs – The Adoption is Real by Alwin Wong from CAPSL Entertainment: An overview of the BAASH project and how it is working for blockchain adoption
  • How to Create NFTs that Work for You: A Guide by Jiri Kobelka CEO Tatum: This session is a how-to for creating an NFT that earns money and also shared ownership NFTs

Notable Speakers 

  • Benny Giang: Founding Team Member of Dapper Labs 
  • Michael Sanders: Co-Founder & Chief Storyteller of Horizon Blockchain Games 
  • Justice Sun: Founder & CEO of Sun
  • Robby Yung: CEO of Animoca Brands 
  • Tanya Lindsay: Co-Founder of CryptoMibs
  • Yan Ketelers: CMO of Arkane Network 
  • Chris Lovell: Director of External Affairs of GAME Credits 
  • Dirk Lueth: Co-Founder of Uplandme, Inc. 
  • Travis Wright: Co-Host of The Bad Crypto Podcast 

The CGC NFT 2.0 Conference

Digital Expo 

Explore amazing new projects that are going on in the blockchain world by getting an opportunity to interact with CEOs and Founders of some established companies. You will be able to learn about their amazing new products and services through an online virtual conference which you can watch on your screen from the comfort of your home. 

NFT Drops

Take part in different fun activities and quests during the two days of the conference to get a chance of winning some rare collectibles and other prizes. Stay tuned to the latest happenings in the virtual conference to grab free gifts before they run out.

NFT Gallery 

There’s going to be a gallery of NFTs where popular artists will showcase their wonderful pieces of artwork. You can also browse this gallery to see some very rare NFTs owned by enthusiastic collectors. This is the perfect opportunity to explore this new form of digital art and receive some inspiration! 


Suppose you are a new developer or would like to get involved with industry-leading companies working around the NFT and gaming space. In that case, this is the right platform for you to network with other like-minded individuals and groups. The conference will host more than 2000 participants from all parts of the world to interact with and share your ideas. 

Media Coverage

Get a chance to bring your ideas and projects into the limelight through media coverage at this conference. During the round-table discussion with journalists, you will learn how to make your project stand out in the market and form an excellent strategy to communicate your message to the masses. 

About CGC

CGC is a platform that has been conducting various business events since 2018, bringing together more than 100,000 delegates from 60+ countries through international conferences. It will conduct its 8th conference next month. 

CGC aims to facilitate businesses and individuals from all across the world to collaborate on new projects and ideas, expand their knowledge, and showcase their products with the ultimate goal of making blockchain technology mainstream.