Enjin Launches Rich Media NFTs

Enjin Launches Rich Media NFTs

Rich Media NFTs are an innovative form of NFTs by the Enjin ecosystem that give more functionality to users as they have access to 3D imagery and video clips. Using the Enjin platform, you can now mint NFTs that contain both .MP4 and GIF files with zero fees.

The Enjin wallet is the only one that fully supports .MP4 and GIF files. Enjin is also expected to launch an app update (version 2.0), enabling users to bring all ERC-1155 and ERC-721 assets to the Enjin ecosystem.

Product Hunt is the go-to place for discovering the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. PH has also been educating people about NFTs, their utility, and their potential since the last year. The platform is now entering the NFT space through collaboration with Enjin

A new NFT “Kittenish Friends” – powered by Enjin Beam and Jumpnet – will be minted through joint efforts of Product Hunt and Enjin to celebrate the spirit of their newly formed partnership. A total of 25,000 of these rich media NFTs will be given away for free.

You have to scan a QR code to receive the “Kittenish Friends” NFT in your wallet.

How Rich Media NFTs Work?

Enjin scans the NFT’s metadata and reads the image property defined by the NFT creator. After identification of the type of file, a thumbnail is generated for the video. When someone requests to see the NFT, the power Enjin API shows the video. Rendering of the video is done by Enjin Wallet and Enjin X automatically.

How To Claim Product Hunt’s Free Rich Media NFT On Enjin?

Step 1: Go to this website.

Step 2: Enter your full name and email address and complete the tasks

Step 3: A QR code will be sent to your email address, you have to scan it

Step 4: Follow the instructions provided to receive your free NFT