Built with Enjin’s upcoming Minecraft plugin, EnjinCraft showcases how blockchain technology can be integrated into in the world’s most popular indie game!


For the first time in history, you can truly own your Minecraft assets, keep them, play with them, trade them, or sell them. They are yours!


EnjinCraft supports the Enjin Gaming Multiverse. Move between multiple games and use the same item in all of them. Some EnjinCraft assets are playable in 30 games!

If you are a casual or hardcore Minecraft player who would like to get rewarded with tangible items, then EnjinCraft is the server you belong in! It is currently in closed beta, but you can Sign up here to be notified of the public launch.

About EnjinCraft

EnjinCraft was released on Minecraft's 10th birthday by Enjin, a leading gaming-oriented blockchain developer and founder of the Enjin Gaming Multiverse.
The EnjinCraft server features quests, mini-games and thousands of treasure chests in a beautiful world full of surprises! Have fun and get rewarded with blockchain-based items
backed with real-world value.
Owning an item in EnjinCraft means that this item is truly yours—it doesn't belong to the company; instead, you store it in your secure, personal inventory, the Enjin Wallet.

Build Your Own Minecraft Server

Are you a Minecraft server owner? Take advantage of the Enjin Blockchain SDK for Java and harness the power of blockchain technology for your server. Offer your players a decentralized experience and let them truly own their items! Use Enjin's trusted technology and skyrocket the gaming experience.

EnjinCraft Items

All the item in EnjinCraft are created with the ERC-1155 token standard. Among other benefits, ERC-1155 allows any game developer to integrate a specific token into a game and link it with a different item of the same value.
This means that the Wooden Sword item in Enjincraft will be playable in 30 different games, with more to come in the future.
The same applies to other EnjinCraft items. Each one is backed with Enjin Coin and can be melted to acquire their base ENJ value via the Enjin Wallet. Owners of ERC-1155 tokens can freely trade, sell, and share them.

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Enjin is a leading blockchain ecosystem developer that empowers game developers by allowing them to easily integrate blockchain assets and economy to their games. Take advantage of the world’s most complete set of blockchain gaming development tools and skyrocket the experience of your game! Build dapps, issue your tokens, and explore endless possibilities with the Enjin Platform.