Etheremon Halloween Event: The Gate of Hell is Open

Trick or Treat? Dead or alive? Etheremon, the crypto collectible blockchain game with thousands of battles completed and an overwhelming active community, currently hosts a Halloween event. The gate of hell is now open, and players have the amazing opportunity to revive dead Mons!

During the Haloween event, some very powerful Mons, in Spookaboo form are available for reviving. Players can explore four different exciting adventure modes that can bring back Mons from the dead!

The event is currently available in Mount Kilimanjaro, Red Fort, Great Pyramid, and Opera House

The gates of Hades will be open until October 31st, so make sure you play the game and earn collectible (and pricey) Mons that only now can be acquired.

The following is a list of Dead Mons to revive:

  • Catch number #1: Mapla, Noxareo, Wolflaze
  • Catch number #2: Felistar, Moldec, Ruffski, Vexigon
  • Catch number #3: Aquary, Barkindle, Clothom, Florost, Kikapole, Malakel’e

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