ExoPlanets: Crypto Mining Game Based on NASA Data

ExoPlanets Blockchain Game Review
ExoPlanets Blockchain Game Review

A new mining blockchain game is under development and it’s called ExoPlanets, the game will contain 3700 ExoPlanets that players can own and play with, making them a very rare asset due to their low quantity but before getting into more details, let me tell you what ExoPlanets are.

Nasa has confirmed over 3,735 Exoplanets – planets outside our Solar System, small planets are the most common, especially Super-Earths and Mini-Neptunes. A well-documented website with the most up to date information about ExoPlanets can be found here.

ExoPlanets Crypto Game Review

ExoPlanets is a 3D Graphics Exploration Cryptocurrency Game taking part just outside our Galaxy. Where else it could be, right? The game lets you own an ExoPlanet, create and evolve life on it, explore the space and interact with other space citizens. As the game advances you can expand to smaller resource planets across the galaxy.

The Game states on their website that it will introduce an unseen before feature in the crypto games industry, the CryptoMatching™ mechanism. The plan is very straightforward, it matches your planet with a  Top 50 cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCap and this will directly affect your Exoplanet’s performance. It sounds to me like Tether/USD relationship.

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ExoPlanets GamePlay

Three Main things to consider, The first is to own an exoplanet, as your own it life will evolve and eventually you are going to be the Donald Trump (or whatever you prefer) of your own planet. Secondly, you can expand your newly created super-nation into the galaxy but control smaller planets. Third, it will be a mining feature so you can passively (i guess) earn Exotokens, the game’s token economy.

Every ExoPlanet will have 7 evolutionary levels to advance before you can explore the galaxy and these are:

  1. Rock Planet
  2. Water Formation
  3. Single Cell Evolution
  4. Photosynthesis Forms
  5. Complex Life Forms
  6. Intelligent Civilization
  7. Space & Exploration Technology

Your Planet starts from Level 1 and the speed of level-up and evolving is determined by a “Life Rate”. The higher the life rate of an ExoPlanet, the more valuable it is. Also, the CryptoMatch™ Mechanism plays a magic role here.

For example, if your ExoPlanet is CryptoMatched with Bitcoin
and Bitcoin gains +7% in value, your ExoPlanet’s life rate will
also gain an additional +7% boost.
However, if your CryptoMatched coin performs negatively and loses
in value, the life rate on your ExoPlanets will be affected negatively.

CryptoMatch™ will generate ExoTokens for you passively!
For every +1% your CryptoMatched coin rises in value, you will earn 1 ExoToken. ExoTokens will drive the entire game’s ecosystem and you will need them to advance further in the game.

Proof of Gaming

ExoPlanets Features their Proof-Of-Gaming™mechanism which starts upon landing on a

exoplanets day

resource planet. Mining process takes 24 hours and you must log in once a day to claim your rewards. All resources gathered will be converted to ExoTokens. By claiming your mining rewards daily you are proving that you are playing actively and working hard towards galactic domination. That is our Proof-Of-Gaming mechanism for balancing the game and its mining engine.

ExoTokens Ecosystem

ExoTokens are ERC20 tokens that will be usable in ExoPlanets as an in-game currency.  Total Supply is 175,000,000 Coins.

Players will be able to accumulate ExoTokens by:

1. Earning ExoTokens from their ExoPlanet’s CryptoMatch performance.
2. Mine ExoTokens from resource planets with our Proof-Of-Gaming mechanism.
3. Buying ExoTokens directly from other players via exchanges.

Several algorithms will take place in order to prevent big players from taking over the game and mine a big portion of the ExoTokens. The game’s ecosystem is built to last a long time, even though there is a finite amount of ExoTokens to be mined, using concepts from real crypto mining like halving the rewards after certain milestones and so on.

ExoTokens will be used for:

• Evolving your ExoPlanets faster 

• Launching exploration ships, reducing the travel time, buying and selling equipment

• In future releases – Special spaceships, power-ups and more.

Final Thoughts

You will interact with the game once per day which is boooring but also a time saver. Good

ExoPlanets this is minething is that Planets will be only 3700, demand will eventually go up as the game features mining which will attract a lot of users. I am glad you can play without paying upfront here. Even once a day, I think this deserves our attention.

Currently, I am waiting for the release of the game, Private Sell starts in a couple of days.

Find more information visit Exoplanets, read the whitepaper 

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