Formula E: High Voltage Game Set to Electrify the Gaming World on 19 October

Formula E: High Voltage Game Set to Electrify the Gaming World on 19 October

On 19 October 2023, the gaming world will witness the debut of “Formula E: High Voltage,” the inaugural official Formula E video game. This racing management masterpiece is the brainchild of Animoca Brands and Amber, capitalizing on the eco-friendly Flow blockchain. This integration empowers players with genuine digital ownership of their in-game items, represented as NFTs.

Prospective players can head to, where new sign-ups are treated to four complimentary NFTs – a pair each of cars and drivers – allowing them to kickstart their personalized racing team journey.

Game Features: The Heart of Formula E Racing

At its core, the game incorporates elements that define the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Players can enjoy a racing experience on signature city tracks like Rome, Berlin, New York, and London. Every decision counts – from selecting the premier cars and drivers to deploying special abilities – to ensure peak performance during varying climatic conditions and day-to-night transitions.

Beyond Just a Game: NFTs and Skills

In this game, each vehicle and driver within the game exists as an NFT, with specific rarities such as common, rare, epic, and legendary. Additionally, players can discover unique assets within each rarity tier. Over 100 distinct skills await players, making collection, training, upgrading, and management essential elements for racing dominance.

Additionally, the game proudly features the GEN3 race car, hailed as the epitome of speed, power, and efficiency in the electric racing domain. Gamers can select from various official and fantasy cars, including the notable 2023 ABB FIA Formula E World Champion Jake Dennis and his iconic Andretti Porsche 99X Electric GEN3.

Lastly, starting today, 17 October 2023, a limited number of Solo and Team NFT Crates will be up for sale on the official game website. While the Solo NFT Crate promises either an official or fantasy car or driver NFT, the Team NFT Crate packs a punch with two cars and two drivers, ensuring at least one official epic or legendary rarity NFT. Purchases can be made via the REVV token, with a Blocto wallet connected to the Flow blockchain.