GAMEE Launches Arc8 Mobile App for Android & iOS

GAMEE Launches Arc8 Mobile App

GAMEE, a hyper-casual gaming subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has officially launched Arc8, an esports mobile blockchain gaming platform with more than a million users. Arc8 grants fascinating and competitive casual blockchain games using Polygon’s scaling solution. 

The beta version of Arc8 that launched in September took the internet by storm, surpassing 1 million users, and pushed the Polygon chain to overtake Etheureum as measured by daily active users in only three weeks from its release.

With today’s full launch of Arc8, players can choose through a variety of 10 different games that offer rewards in tokens that can also be used to enter multiple competitions.

Users can opt-in using the native cryptocurrency of the GAMEE platform, GMEE, a utility token used for entry fees, purchases, and payouts.

Gamee games arc8
A collection of the Arc8 games. Source:

At the time of writting this article, GMEE token is valued at $0.3082, with a market cap of $17,436,185 and a circulating supply of 56,370,273 out of 3,180,000,000.

GAMEE wants to improve the game-playing experience by launching G-Bots, which will grant their owners access to exclusive play-to-earn tournaments on the platform.

Arc8 on android has received a 4,1 stars rating out of 92,063 reviews, making it one of the most highly rated blockchain gaming apps.

Download Arc8 for Android and iOS.