gDEX Platform: The Evolution of Metaverse?

gDEX Platform

Currently, GameFi is valued at $40B. Surprisingly, the industry isn’t stopping now. The investors are shaping the industry to iterate into its best form possible. The next metaverse will be immersive as the investors are banking on this revolution.

The Problem

At the moment, every stat will show that the current sales are declining, and people are slowly losing interest due to every platform working independently. 

For example, if you love a game and try to move it to another chain, you can’t because that game is only compatible with one chain it’s built on. This way, you’re bound to stay on a single chain. 

Another problem is that if the game somehow fails to perform, its digital assets will lose value, eventually being worthless, which is neither good for the community nor the developers. 

The Solution = gDEX (A Cross-Platform Economy)

gDEX is eyeing to save the metaverse by providing solutions to all these problems. With the successful implementation of gDEX, the games and P2E metaverse titles will be interoperable and integrate seamlessly. 

The gDEX has been developing the solution for almost two years now. Now, gDEX will provide a layer of interoperability and a single point for future metaverse P2E titles. 

WIth gDEX, the players and developers will benefit from its suite of services. The services include NFT interoperability, $GDEX (DeFi-based P2E token), and a no-coding environment so that everyone can benefit.

gdex metaverse The Solution = gDEX (A Cross-Platform Economy)
GDEX Metaverse Wallpaper

No Need For New Tokens

With the $GDEX token, the developers need not worry about developing new tokens for each game. The native $GDEX Token can be used for all the platforms in the interoperable metaverse. The players can swap their assets within different chains. 

The players will not have to worry about staying on the same platform. The players can now integrate across the plethora of metaverse titles. 

gDEX to Bring these Human Like Elements into the Metaverse

With the development of gDEX, the players will be able to do the following:

  1. Quickly move from one game to another while taking all their digital assets, i.e., tokens and NFTs. (These assets will hold the same value and will be tradable)
  1. The Developers will now be able to build new games with a suite of new and improved tools. Thanks to the no coding environment, there is less room for errors. They can also create interoperable NFTs and leverage the $GDEX token for in-game transactions (rewards and trades). 
  1. gDEX will also benefit the Guilds. gDEX will facilitate the Guilds with NFT-based memberships, a cross-chain Guild Management tool that’ll let them manage different accounts and payments and build teams and communities. 

The Metaverse will now be more accessible thanks to gDEX. Everyone will be able to play their favorite game and leverage their digital assets to any of the games in the metaverse, thanks to gDEX interoperability. 

Apart from these, you can also expect other services from gDEX. The upcoming services include Staking for Access, GameFi Missions, Community Marketplace, Creator Space, and Discovery Zones.