Genesis Avatars by NFT Worlds to Take Place on April 30

Genesis Worlds Avatars sale

NFT Worlds is dropping the all-new perk-rich Genesis Avatars. They already have a gas-free token system for payments and other transactions. The players can stake the tokens to make passive income.  

NFT Worlds has been on the path to seamless success for a while now. Previously, they launched their token system, which was a huge success. They have announced and released some details about their upcoming NFT drop, Genesis Avatars. 

Consisting of 15000 1-1 playable NFT avatars, each avatar will be unique and playable in the NFT Worlds universe. 

Genesis Avatars

Genesis Avatars is an upcoming NFT drop recently announced by NFT Worlds. The minting will start on April 30, 2022, in two parts. 

If you own a digital asset in NFT Worlds, you will be given priority as the first Whitelist is for NFT Worlds holders. You will be given a Genesis Avatar mint for every World you own. 

The wallet you used for stalking will be utilized for Whitelist mint access, meaning you don’t have to unstake any World. 

After the Whitelist is announced for World owners, the public sale will start after 24 hours. There will be 5000 NFT avatars in the public sale plus any unminted NFTs from the Whitelist. 

Each NFT will cost 0.4 ETH for the Whitelist wallets. However, the prices for public sales will be a little different. The public sale will be a “dutch auction.” The starting price at the public sale will be 1 ETH and could go down to 0.4 ETH. 

Genesis Avatars and Passive Income

Apart from many other perks and benefits, Genesis Avatar holders will be able to generate passive income as well. NFT Worlds plans to launch other utilities for Genesis avatars. The holders will generate passive income in the form of WLRD tokens. 

Other Perks

Genesis Avatar holders will be given priority access to future events and drops. Other than that, NFT Worlds will build an Exclusive World just for Genesis Avatars holders. To let everyone know you were there, you will be given Vanity Titles.