Genopets Introduces Exciting Mini-Game and Exclusive In-App Shop

Genopets Introduces Exciting Mini-Game and Exclusive In-App Shop

Genopets, an innovative Solana-based move-to-earn game, has unveiled its latest update, version 0.9.0, enhancing user experience with a thrilling new racing mini-game and the introduction of an exclusive in-app shop. This significant upgrade marks another step towards a comprehensive ecosystem for Genopets users.

Upon logging into the app, users will be greeted with the new update, which promises to enrich the gameplay. The highlight of this update is the ‘Arcade Mode,’ a dynamic racing mini-game accessible from the main menu. Players are challenged to navigate a track, collect chest fragments, and avoid obstacles to achieve high scores. Success in this mini-game not only secures a spot on the leaderboard but also rewards participants with rare food and toy items for their Genopets.

The introduction of the in-app shop presents a variety of purchasable items such as the innovative ‘Morphosphere’, which adds a touch of unpredictability by randomly altering a Genopet’s head. Additionally, the shop features superior toys and food that promise enhanced mood boosts for the virtual pets. These premium items can be bought using Qubits, the app’s exclusive currency, which users can acquire with a credit card or their phone’s native payment options.

The update also streamlines the energy acquisition process for players’ pets by allowing the purchase of Energy with Qubits. Behind the scenes, this transaction contributes to the in-game economy by burning KI tokens, integrating gameplay with tokenomics seamlessly.

Looking ahead, Genopets is set to offer even more flexibility by enabling the purchase of Qubits with GENE tokens, Genopets’ native cryptocurrency. The marketplace will also undergo enhancements to facilitate transactions using GENE tokens, opening up more avenues for players to engage with the ecosystem without fiat currency.