Axie Infinity Expands in an Open World & Land Sale is Live!

One of the most famous collectible Ethereum games, Axie Infinity, introduced an open world controlled and operated by the player while kicking the first land sale!.

With a medium announcement, Axie Infinity explains that the open world (Lunacia) consists of tokenized land plots called Terra. Those plots can be purchased, built on or rent to other players.

In the land of Lunacia, players will be able to host shops, produce resources, upgrade and customize their territory the way they want. In addition, players have the opportunity to summon Chimera and act as portals for dungeons!

Axie Infinity Land plot

The Lunacia will serve similar to Decentraland, developers and content creators will be able to develop games and apps on top of Lunacia using clickable wormhole as a launchapd for this concept.

The land plot sale started today 22 of January and everyone can participate using various cryptocurrencies and fiat. There will be several other selling rounds with higher prices.

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