Get Paid For Being an Axie Streamer!

Get Paid For Being an Axie Streamer!

NFT-based single-player video game Axie Infinity announced a few days ago, on February 21, the start of the Axie Infinity Streamer Rewards Program, finally rewarding 50 creators/streamers with a share from a 300 AXS Bounty.

As stated, Axie streamers play a crucial role in the game’s economy and success. They provide gameplay content, entertainment to the masses, and educational content that helps strengthen the community by onboarding thousands of new Lunacians each day!

The Axie Infinity Streamer Rewards Program aims to reward creators for their actions. However, it is also important to say that this is just the trial phase of the Streamer Reward Program, with more rewards coming soon.

Axie Infinity Streamer Rewards Program Prizing

As said before, the top 50 streamers will be rewarded with a share of a 300 AXS bounty! To be more precise, the top 50 streamers with the MOST STREAMED HOURS will be entered into a tiered raffle.

Axie Infinity Streamer Rewards Program Prizing
Get Paid For Being an Axie Streamer! 29

Guidelines and How to Join

  1. You must stream on either Twitch or Facebook.
  2. You must have videos enabled so we can see your stream history. 
  3. You must be streaming under the game category “Axie Infinity”.
  4. You must be playing either Axie Origins or Axie Homeland (other Axie titles are not available for this initial run)


  1. Fill out one of these forms to enter. Click here for *Facebook streamers and here for Twitch Streamers.
  2. You must fill this out in the first week of the contest. The deadline for form submission is February 25 for Twitch. Facebook continues to be a daily submission until March 4/5.

Try your luck until March 4, 2023, @ 7:00 PM EST (March 5, 8:00 AM PH) and get randomly selected from a raffle based on the tier you’ve placed in.