GoCryptoBot Crypto Runner Game Review


GoCryptoBot is a new free to play 2D mobile Crypto Game with cool graphics and much running by Kodebox.

The game uses GCC Token based on the Ethereum network. 1 GCC costs 1$.

GoCryptoBot, as stated by their developers, differs from the competition. Most blockchain games today are collectible, or gambling ones with pyramid schemes were the last players lose it all.

GoCryptoBot features four core principles.

  1. No speculative/gambling game (hot potatoes, pyramid schemes prohibited)
  2. Actual gameplay, not like collective games with low playable features
  3. To publish as a mobile app
  4. Blockchain technology to be selectively adopted

What is GoCryptoBot

GoCryptobot is a centralized runner mobile game with implemented Blockchain Technology, and it’s own Cryptocurrency. You have to Run and Collect your coins with the speed of light, upgrade your parts to complete every stage, and sell your items. Your character consists of 4 main parts with unique abilities based on color and skills.

PVP Mode is featured in GoCryptobot, but don’t get too excited about this, it’s a trivia game (and not a real PVP as someone would expect) where you have to choose one of the four answers. The answer which gathers the most votes gets the biggest pool prize. Each participant, based on their items level and color matches, win dust, which you can exchange for GCC Tokens. Right now, the price of entering a PVP mode is 0,14 GCC, which equals to 0.14$. PVP Mode is executed by a smart contract to ensure transparency and fairness.

The game has available purchases using Google pay for a small premium if you don’t want to purchase Cryptocurrency to play. Note here that in-app purchases have been made necessary by Google’s policy.

You can charge your wallet with Ethereum, and convert them to GCC. I started the game 5 Days ago with 5$ to purchase some same color parts. I found it interesting and fun to play.

GoCryptoBot Marketplace

Every item in GoCryptoBot is an ERC721 Token. You can upgrade your gear and sell it to the store for any price you want. Currently, entry-level items costs around 2.5 GCC per item and the game provides 3 Discount Codes of 50%, which will make your new gaming experience cheap.

For many reasons, with the most basic being the refund policy, which is mandatory by any law available in the world, GCC Token is pegged to USD, and this won’t change. So to recap, 1GCC equals to 1 USD.

My final Say for GoCryptoBot

I have played games with millions of downloads that are not so good as GoCryptoBot. In combination with its steady economy, the new ERC721 Tokens, and the smart contract fairness provided, it can be a blockbuster.

The game provides a nice and smooth experience, it’s fun to play, and I caught myself not sleeping because of non-stop playing.

I would like to see the developers provide more value for the game and build a strong community to support it.

Besides playing a video game and having a good time, GoCryptoBot lets you get your first items, upgrade them and sell more expensive.

Stay Tuned for a Game Play Video.