Gods Unchained Unveils New “Sealed Mode” Gameplay

Gods Unchained Unveils New

Gods Unchained, a popular strategic card game, has recently introduced a novel gameplay feature called Sealed Mode. Set to launch on September 14th at 11 a.m. AET, this mode challenges players to create a deck from a random pool of cards, testing their strategic prowess rather than the might of their collections. With even odds, the focus shifts to the players’ skills and tactics.

What Sets Sealed Mode Apart?

Unique to this mode, players are given three Gods to select from and a pool of 60 cards from three random domains. This pool comprises 12-20 cards from each domain, inclusive of a minimum of four spells and random neutral cards. The distribution of the cards is also detailed, ensuring players get a range of mana costs. The cards are derived from several sets, including Welcome, Core, Genesis, Etherbots, Mortal Judgement, Winter Wanderlands, and Band of the Wolf. An enticing feature is the allowance for players to use multiple copies of Legendaries and cards from different domains. For full details, head here!

Engaging in Sealed Mode

To participate, players must first pay a 15 $GODS buy-in fee. After confirming their payment, they can choose their preferred God from the three random options provided. The next step involves deck-building from the available card pool. Once satisfied, they can compete in a gauntlet run, striving for seven wins or enduring three losses. The more victories a player secures, the richer the rewards. However, players also have the flexibility to prematurely retire from the gauntlet run, though this will end their streak without a buy-in refund.

Sealed Mode introduces a win-based system where each victory amplifies the rewards. Successful players can look forward to both Card and Cosmetic Packs as part of their winnings.