Gucci Cosmos Land Launches in The Sandbox Metaverse

Gucci Cosmos Land Launches in The Sandbox Metaverse

In a groundbreaking move, Gucci has launched Gucci Cosmos Land, a virtual experience set in a digital London inside The Sandbox metaverse, inviting fashion enthusiasts to explore the brand’s storied past and vibrant creativity. This Web3 initiative mirrors the physical exhibition at 180 The Strand, bringing the history of Gucci’s fashion influence to life for a global audience. The event will last until November 22nd.

Fashion Time Travel in a Virtual World

Gucci Cosmos Land is an online exhibition that complements the physical showcase in London. It takes visitors on a journey through the ages of Gucci, presented through a series of virtual ‘worlds’. Each world represents different eras and aspects of Gucci’s design philosophy. Starting from its inception in 1921, the brand’s evolution is depicted through a collection of archival pieces, many of which are being revealed to the public for the first time.

Exclusive Rewards for Gucci Aficionados

The experience doesn’t just end with visual splendor. Gucci Cosmos Land offers interactive quests within The Sandbox platform in the spirit of the fashion house’s innovative nature. The fastest 100 players to complete these tasks will be rewarded with four iconic runway designs, including pieces from Creative Director Sabato De Sarno’s inaugural show. Additionally, diligent explorers who complete all quests can win a share of the 100,000 SAND prize pool, adding a competitive edge to the fashion-forward journey.

Gucci Cosmos Land is a nostalgic experience that pays homage to the brand’s founder and his inspiration to create luxury luggage after working as a porter at The Savoy Hotel in London. It’s an immersive way to explore the brand’s legacy from anywhere in the world.