Banger Games To Develop A Crypto Gaming Hub

Banger Games

A Blockchain Gaming Hub is going to be created by Banger Games, a startup set to open new possibilities for gamers. 

Banger Games has raised €10M to develop a gaming hub where users can choose from various blockchain games or non-blockchain games, adding a second layer of rewards based on in-game and community objectives.

Establishing an ecosystem where gamers are treated as gamers and not as products. Banger Games is trying to achieve this by creating a shared currency and economy for gamers to free them from the current walled gardens. The gamers will also have the opportunity to compete, earn, trade, and enjoy their gaming experience to its fullest.

The company said that the investors who participated in the funding round had a limit with the money invested because they didn’t want any single prominent investor to dominate, pointing out a community-driven ecosystem. Some investors participating in the round were: AvalancheShima CapitalGSRFlori VenturesPoolz VenturesG20LucidBlue VenturesBelobaba FundSquares CapitalCSP DAOHalvings CapitalOIG CapitalBigCoin Capital

“As the industry has exploded in different directions ( Crypto, Metaverse,VR, Indie Publishers, Play to Earn) we are certain that gamers feel more disconnected than ever. Banger is the platform aimed at unifying this ever increasing ecosystem into one central point in the gaming universe”.

Borja Villalobos, CEO at Banger Games

The platform will feature automated smart tournaments executed through smart contracts. With Banger already testing a closed-beta version of the famous FPS game CS:GO. Battle Passes, Achievements, Anti-cheat client, and P2P cloud gaming will also be included in the platform creating an exciting environment for gamers to coexist.

In addition, Chainlink, IBM, and Polygon will also help the project become a reality and fulfill its potential with technical issues. Players will be rewarded with a shared currency called Banger Coin, NFTs, and many other prizes offered by recognized brands and influencers.

Publishers will also get significant benefits, including an SDK that connects any video game, including classic non-blockchain games, to the Banger Games ecosystem. They will also use new monetization tools to access community grants and investment opportunities.

About Banger Games

Banger Games is known for its plans to create the 1st blockchain-based gaming hub where players can choose through various games while earning multiple prizes. The platform’s plan is to unite and create a stable ecosystem featuring blockchain or non-blockchain games via connecting the community and publishers.