Hedgie takes a different approach to free to play model. Play for free without limitations and pay 10$ if you ever decide to mint (create) your Hedgie on the blockchain.


Send your Hedgie to adventures for 1 to 24 hours. It's up to you to decide how much time you will spend in the game each day.This makes it attractive to casual players.


Hedgies returning from adventures will bring Curio Tokens and Resources. Curio can be spend within the Hedgie Marketplace and real businesses to buy products or services.

About Hedgie

Hedgie is a simple yet enjoyable crypto collectible game in which you own cute Hedgies for pets. As a player, you can take care of your Hedgie, expand its home for better results and decide which adventure strategy is better for you. The game features a lot of different elements such as different powers and four Kingdoms.
While the game is free to play, you will have to pay the price of $10 when you decide to withdraw it (mint) to your wallet. Why should you want to do this? To sell or truly own your item.

Hedgies are ERC721

While Playing Hedgie you will have to decide the best possible adventures depending on how powerful your Hedgie is and it's power. For example, a Hedgie with focus on the Earth power will perform much better in the Forest than a Hedgie with a fire power.
In a nutshell, Hedgie is not time consuming at all, it doesn't need much effort to setup your Hedgie, it's accessible from any mobile & desktop browser and Curio tokens are easily obtainable. The Hedgie community organisess frequent events you should check out. Try the game for free today!

“Games have used virtual currency for decades, and gamers are known to adopt new technology before others. With blockchain seeing high adoption in gaming, it made sense for us to take this next step and extend the value of the in-game coin to the outside world.
We want to attract casual gamers who are curious about cryptocurrency. It’s a simple but compelling idea: play the game, earn coin, spend it in-game or on real-world products and services. On the business side, it’s a way for business owners to dip their toes in crypto to the degree that they’re comfortable with while promoting their business to the newly emerging class of crypto-consumers.”
Product Lead Stas Zlobinski