Horizon Raises $40M to Grow Its Ecosystem and Expand Skyweaver 

Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital led the funding round with participation from Ubisoft, Take-Two, Polygon, and BITKRAFT.
Horizon Raises M to Grow Its Ecosystem and Expand Skyweaver 

Horizon, the company that builds the next generation of the internet, raised its capital by $40M in a series A funding round led by notable investors in the blockchain gaming industry.

The money raised will be used towards making web3 easy, fun, and powerful for users and builders, Horizon stated. In detail, they will use the capital to scale their products, grow their ecosystem, and hire talents for their team.

Part of the funds will also be used to expand their P2E trading card game Skyweaver whose potential is enormous, and the hype is indescribable.

Skyweaver is considered by many the best blockchain game they have ever played. It is a P2E trading card game and deck builder similar to Hearthstone. The game is very competitive, with many game modes and hard-to-get-in leaderboards. 

“We’ve been crafting Skyweaver for the past four years, fine-tuning the mechanics and user experience to ensure everyone can enjoy — while maintaining the purity of Web3. We’re committed to providing millions of people with easy and secure access to Web3, where everyone can own, use and enjoy digital assets. We see Skyweaver as bridging the gap that currently exists between the Web2 and Web3 gaming communities, with all the potential that holds for mass-market adoption and growth of the Skyweaver ecosystem.”

Peter Kieltyka, Co-Founder & CEO at Horizon Blockchain Games.