Illuvium Launches Second Phase of Overworld Private Beta

Illuvium Launches Second Phase of Overworld Private Beta

lluvium, the highly-anticipated open-world RPG game, has recently launched the second round of its Overworld private beta. This latest phase introduces players to an array of fresh content, including new zones, a diverse selection of Illuvials, and innovative ways to explore the game’s vast world.

Officially referred to as a private beta, eager gamers have multiple opportunities to obtain a beta key. Keeping a close eye on the Illuvium Twitter and Discord accounts can lead to winning a key, or players can apply for one through the provided application link.

The Overworld private beta serves as a significant milestone for Illuvium, expanding the game’s immersive world with the addition of two new zones and an assortment of captivating Illuvials. The first new zone, Abyssal Basin, boasts picturesque marshlands illuminated by bioluminescent lighting. On the other hand, Brightland Steppes present an open, vibrant area where bubble rides transport players to the highest points of the zone.

In addition to the expanded world, the beta release introduces exciting movement options, granting players the ability to glide and fly across the landscape. Utilizing the wingsuit, players can briefly soar through the air, while the friction board acts as a surfboard, allowing them to smoothly navigate hills and slopes.

To facilitate exploration between zones, portals have been implemented, enabling seamless transitions. Outer zones provide plentiful resource nodes and opportunities to capture Illuvials. Players must keep an eye out for swirling, floating bubbles and aim their guns to target them. Successfully hitting an Illuvial pins it down, initiating an exhilarating arena battle against an NPC team. Emerging victorious in the battle while possessing the appropriate Shard in their inventory allows players to capture the essence of the Illuvial within the Shard. By collecting three Shards and crafting them together, players can summon a powerful Illuvial creature for future encounters. Furthermore, this update brings significant rebalancing to the Illuvials, further distinguishing their roles and archetypes. Synergies and the overload mechanic have also undergone notable adjustments, ensuring a more engaging gameplay experience. For comprehensive details on the Arena, players can refer to the complete patch notes.

Players can access the new beta version by downloading it from the official Illuvium website. The installation file size measures slightly over 17 gigabytes.