Illuvium Launches The Overworld Private Beta

Illuvium, a fully decentralized RPG and Collection Game, announced on Dec. 13 that the Overworld Private Beta is live!

Illuvium Overworld is a free-to-play, open-world collection game available on both PC and MAC. There, players explore, collect resources and capture some mystical creatures (NFTs) called Illuvials. Additionally, players will have to battle Illuvials to capture them.

The Illuvium Overworld Private Beta went live yesterday, Dec. 12, and only selected users can participate in the test play. If you are one of the 30,000 users registered, click this link and head to Illuvium’s official website to log in and download the game.

Users that participated in the Arena Private Beta 2 (a game of the Illuvium ecosystem) are already qualified and eligible to participate. Additionally, join Illuvium’s discord server to participate in upcoming events from the team.