Infinity Skies Launched Demo With $5000 Giveaway

Infinity Skies Launched Demo With 00 Giveaway

Infinity Skies has dropped a brand new demo for its castle-building community as it introduces a bunch of new and hot features to the game. 

Infinity Skies is a sandbox-style game where players can build a castle on islands that are floating in the sky. The blockchain-based game features Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and social leaderboards. The game’s play-to-earn mechanism allows you to generate passive income as you trade NFTs in the game within the game’s own marketplace. You earn rewards in Skyblock – Infinity Skies’ native cryptocurrency. 

Core Elements of Infinity Skies

  • Build 
  • Adventure 
  • Socialize 
  • Trade

As the demo goes live, the game’s ISKY token has gone up to 150%, indicating the excitement built around the project. 

Using the game’s tools, you are invited by the Infinity Skies team to build a castle in the sky and participate in the giveaway. In this unique competition, they will be giving away $5000 – more than 26,000 entries have already been made, so be quick as only ten days are remaining before the time runs out. 

Play The Demo and Participate In The Giveaway

If you want to participate in the giveaway, you have to play the demo and join the competition by visiting It’ll ask you to connect your MetaMask wallet. 

Once you’ve done registering yourself, start building your castle and share it on the #castle-competition channel on their Discord server. 

Click To Join The Giveaway

Infinity Skies

You are the king of your own island in the sky where you can build a castle. The ultimate goal is to conquer the Infinity Skies universe. When it comes to game economics, those who want to earn from the game can take a look at the “Claim Pool” feature, where they can invest and earn their share from tax in Skyblock. (in-game crypto)

Infinity Skies will also open the staking pool that’ll allow the investors to earn long-term benefits as the game grows in the future. 

To compete with its peers, the game has also participated in BSC News’ #BattleoftheDapps – a competition that pushes the projects to perform better than each other. The good news is Infinity Skies is pushing for the final round, and the community keeps voting for their favorite Dapp. 

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The ‘Sky Plot’ Land Sale

The Sky Plot sale is coming soon. Those who want to live in the sky will need to buy a Sky Plot. These come in four different rarities: Astral, Devine, Legendary, and Epic. These Sky Plot NFTs are differentiated by how easily they can be found on the world map by others. Accessibility will matter, as each plot will be home to a variety of adventuring possibilities and social interactions.

The game will feature social interaction features such as whispering, dancing, chatting, and joining guilds.  

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