Kun Agüero Partners With The Sandbox to Launch Kuniverse

Kun Aguero launches the Kuniverse
The Sandbox X Kun Aguero Partnership

The legend, the myth, Kun Agüero chose the Sandbox platform to create his virtual world, Kuniverse!

The Kuniverse will be a virtual football world within the Sandbox Metaverse. At first, it will take the form of a massive stadium with football-themed games, dancing, and a freakin Argentinian fast food truck! Kun Agüero will have an active role in the Kuniverse. You might see him playing, chatting, roaming around the world, or welcoming users at the gates of the Kuniverse.

Kun Agüero’s popularity has transcended the global football and gaming communities, and we’re pleased to bring it on next into the open Metaverse with The Sandbox. We look forward to seeing the Kuniverse come to life as a creative space full of fun activities,not only Kun fans but The Sandbox community as a whole.”

Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox.

Kun Agüero NFT Collection

Additionally, the Kuniverse will include a collection of 9,320 NFT avatars. These NFTs will be used in-game, offering many and various benefits to holders, such as a trip to Qatar for the 2022 world cup, music events, and esports tournaments.

9.230 is wrong, the actual number is 9.320 NFTs.

The sale will start the first week of November, with the NFTs having five levels of rarity:

  • Football Kuns (Rarity 35%)
  • E-Kuns (Rarity 30%)
  • Future Kuns (Rarity 20%)
  • Robot Kuns (Rarity 14%)
  • Special Kuns (Rarity 1%)
Kun Agüero launches 9320 unique NFT avatars and the Kuniverse
Kun Agüero NFT Collection

If you are one of the few that wants to get his hands into a Kun Agüero NFT, you can sign up for the whitelist in Kun Aguero Discord and will have access to the avatar presale 24 hours before the public sale. Note that each wallet is eligible for a maximum of 5 avatars.

“I am very excited to have my first space in the metaverse we created with Eter Studio inside The Sandbox to play and stream with my fans around the world. The first season of Kuniverse will be full of surprises and benefits related to the 9,320 avatars that were specially created”

Sergio “Kun” Agüero