Lacoste Launches Interactive NFT-Exclusive Virtual Shopping Hub

Lacoste Launches Interactive NFT-Exclusive Virtual Shopping Hub

French fashion heavyweight Lacoste has launched an immersive, NFT-embedded online store that offers an enhanced retail experience for holders of its UNDW3 NFT.

Exploring new frontiers in online commerce, Lacoste has joined forces with VR tech firm Emperia to bring to life an engaging virtual shopping environment. Catering to fashion aficionados worldwide, this e-store offers an expansive showcase of the brand’s latest summer collection, which shoppers can explore from the ease and comfort of their homes.

The new platform isn’t just another online shop; it holds a secret treasure for the brand’s UNDW3 NFT holders – an exclusive, underwater-themed section accessible only to them.

Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT Loyalty Program

Since its inception in June 2022, Lacoste’s NFT project has evolved significantly. What started with the launch of 11,212 ‘Lacoste Genesis Pass’ NFTs hinting at potential Web3 interactions morphed into the dynamic UNDW3 pass, which is now a passport to enriched brand experiences.

The NFT-Exclusive Zone

Moreover, hidden beneath the sunny rooftop and lobby, the underwater section awaits its elite shoppers. This feature allows NFT holders to unlock new experiences by either linking their NFT wallet or using their email to log in. Inside this exclusive realm, they have access to an entirely unique collection of Lacoste apparel co-designed by the NFT community members.

In a fusion of physical and digital worlds, each piece from this exclusive range comes with a digital NFT twin, enhanced with interactive augmented reality features. Additionally, it opens up an adventurous scavenger hunt, offering a chance to win enticing prizes each week of the summer season.