Lotte World Challenges Voxel Artists with Exciting Design Contest

Lotte World Challenges Voxel Artists with Exciting Design Contest

Internationally renowned amusement park, Lotte World, has recently launched a contest, inviting all voxel artists and fans of Korean culture to participate. This event calls for creative renditions of the park’s mascot, Lotty, crafted through voxel design.

Lotte World Contest Details

Participants are expected to reimagine Lotty, Lotte World’s cherished mascot, in voxel form, bringing their own unique style to life. The park encourages artists to let their creativity shine, giving them an opportunity to contribute to Lotte World’s magic in a new and exciting way.

The total prize pool is 15,000 SAND, distributed among the top contestants. The first-place winner will receive 6,000 SAND and a Lotty Knight NFT. The second and third-place winners will be awarded 3,500 and 2,000 SAND, respectively, along with a Lotty Knight NFT each. Positions four to ten will each receive 500 SAND. In addition to these, the top 10 winning designs will be featured in the NFT Gallery within the Lotte World experience.

Conditions and Submission Guidelines

For a chance at the top three prizes, participants must complete a KYC process or be a verified creator. The competition is also open to non-verified accounts, eligible to earn rewards from 4th-10th place.

To become a verified creator, one must have a studio linked with a GMF account and have previously participated in five contests, placing in the top 10 at least once.

Submissions opened on July 20th and will close on August 3rd, with results expected to be announced between August 18th and August 26th. To submit an entry, creators must design an animated GIF of their asset and tweet it, tagging @VoxEdit and @TheSandboxGame. The tweet should include the hashtag #VoxEditWeekly. Finally, in order to finalize the submission, creators must fill out the following Google Form.

Entry Standards and Judging Criteria

Low-quality or spam entries will be disqualified at The Sandbox’s discretion, and originality is a must. The contest also mandates that all entries must be made in The Sandbox’s free VoxEdit software, available for Windows and Mac.

The judging panel from The Sandbox team will rate entries based on creativity, usability, optimization, level of detail, and quality of animation. Emphasis will be placed on usability, which carries double the points for this contest.

This unique opportunity offered by Lotte World not only stimulates artistic creativity but also brings together a vibrant community of voxel artists and enthusiasts.