Magic Eden Launches $1M “Creator Fund” to Boost Polygon NFT Creations

Magic Eden Launches M

Magic Eden has unveiled a $1 million ‘Creator Fund’ to support select Polygon blockchain developers. This strategic move is aimed at invigorating high-quality NFT projects on the platform.

Magic Eden recognizes the difficulties many project founders face in light of the challenging bear market conditions. To address this, the selected Polygon creators for the Creator Fund will receive financial backing and benefit from technical guidance, marketing support, mentorship, and the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas globally.

Magic Eden’s primary goal is to back Polygon projects that show promise in adaptability, uniqueness, and the potential to transform the NFT landscape.

Criteria for Joining the Creator Program

Polygon creators keen on joining the Creator Program will undergo a rigorous selection process. The criteria are:

  1. Team Synergy: Demonstrating excellent teamwork and collaboration.
  2. Future Outlook: Providing a comprehensive whitepaper or roadmap detailing the project’s direction.
  3. Investment Acumen: Highlighting smart investment plans with potential returns.
  4. Digital Artistry: Showcasing captivating digital artworks that engage audiences.
  5. Collaborative Innovations: Revealing strong collaborations with other Polygon projects.
  6. Marketing Strategy: Outlining an effective marketing approach with fresh and unique methods.

Magic Eden’s Growing Presence on Polygon

Magic Eden’s decision to launch its Creator Fund on Polygon underscores its confidence in and impact on the blockchain. Although the marketplace originated on the Solana network, its foray into the Polygon ecosystem in the past year has been significant.

In November 2022, the marketplace integrated Polygon NFT features, which was soon followed by the introduction of Polygon trading functionalities and NFT game creation tools. These additions underscore Magic Eden’s appreciation of the burgeoning blockchain and its capacity to offer top-tier, often gamified, collectibles.