Meltelbrot #17 – Channel Spotlight Series – ENJ1155

For this channel spotlight, it extends a little from just having a telegram channel ENJ1155, and focuses on This site has been the ‘go to’ spot to find out more about the mints that are taking place within the Enjin Ecosystem. It’s been a wonderful service for the community, whilst Enjin X is being developed to support the searching of ERC-1155.

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Meltelbrot & Token

Today I chat with k, the community developer behind (in reality, and no disrespect to EnjinX, but the world’s first functional erc-1155 explorer). Hopefully, he can tell us more about the site and what it can offer in addition to EnjinX.

Thanks for taking the time out k, due to our love of Enjin and what it’s about, we’ve chatted a fair bit about all things Enjin, and I first want to say it’s been a real pleasure to get to know you better, and you’re a true gentleman and wonderful role model I feel for other enjineers. Anyway, enough bro love ha – let’s get into it.

For those who haven’t read Meltelbrot #7, can you again for the readers, give a little background on yourself and the skills you bring to the Enjin community?

First of all, thank you so much Meltoid for having me on this interview. Hi all, I’m an ENJ hodler since ICO. Nowadays, I don’t play games that much, but I do see the potential of ENJ in the gaming industry. I’m a web developer by trade, blockchain technology is something quite new to me, I’m still learning every day.

What was the inspiration behind

At first I thought of creating some telegram bots or marketplace for ERC-1155 collectibles. However, I thought the marketplace should at least be able to list all the tokens in each category. Since EnjinX hasn’t supported ERC-1155 yet, the website become the go-to site for viewing token info.

What are the best features of the site for use by the community?

I would say, Recently Transferred/Minted/Melted and Address/Token ID search.

The users can discover what new items have been minted recently, and sometimes take a sneak peek at the newly minted tokens. Multiple transfers of similar tokens on Recently Transferred might indicate that there is an active QR going on.

With the Address search feature, we can have a quick view of the collectibles available and also the transactions in the wallet.

By searching the token ID, you are able to see the token details page with the hodler list. I believe there are still many other services that we could build around the EnjinCoin ecosystem. I did chat with a few Enjin team members, and I also learnt that EnjinX will have most of the features that my site has. 🙂

Being a little more nimble, I feel your site could still be a wonderful customised tool for the community. One example, is the rotating feature function on the front page of the site, which is a really nice touch to showcase different sections of the minting community. How can the community get involved in that?

Currently, there is no specific criteria for a particular category to be featured on the front page. Most of the time, I’m rotating it when new category is added. This may change soon though.

With Enjin posting recently that the soon ERC1155 update will not include item to item trading. Is there some way the community could use your site to help with trading in the interim?

Yes, I probably could implement such a feature in enj1155, provided Enjin APIs already supports mainnet or DApps browser is supported in Enjin wallet.

Sweet, now I know you’ve been helping out with other community projects, such as Minters Galaxy, and still hold down a day job. It must be quite a workload, what hours do you put in? and what is it about this community that makes you go the extra mile?

You are right, I’m working on these projects in my free time, and unfortunately I don’t really have that much free time recently, I can only spare probably 2 hours a day for the project now.

I wish I could have more free time to work on these projects! Enjin community is awesome, we have about 40-50 telegram chat/channels spun off from Enjin. People are so fanatic about the collectibles, most of the QR beams are gone in less than 10 minutes or so. I love the community and I’m glad that the site serves as a stopgap for viewing ERC-1155 collectibles before EnjinX supporting it.

Star in the Galaxy

Due to the site being a hobby, is there a possibility that it might shut its doors one day?

I hope not!! I architected the site in such a way, that it would keep the hosting cost to be very low if there is not much traffic to the website. However, I definitely hope that the site could evolve and bring more useful features to the Enjin community. 🙂

Since you’re the community custodian of mints in a way;) What are your top 5 favourite mints so far?

That’s a tough question. If I would have to choose, these are the 5: – Stormy Knights CoverEfeito Borboleta (cAoS)KYAILA UNICORNMeltelbrot MikeWe Were There.

Find out what others are minting.

Well thanks for taking time out for this, and I hope I get to shake your hand in person one day, but before that takes place, have you got anything else you’d like to add for the readers? and where can we keep up to date on the progress for

Mate, I wish I could meet you in person in the dolladolla party. 🙂

I’m looking forward to the releases of EnjinX API, SDK and Enjin Cloud. Once they are released, we will see more services and games created using the Enjin toolset, and more telegram channels!

To keep up to date on the progress for, you may join our telegram chat group here Stay tuned!

Sweet mate. BTW k, between you and me – you definitely can confirm you’re not witek?;)

Witek is bae!

You still haven’t answered my question lol! But I agree.

Melt out!

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Next spotlight is with the Brazlian Crew, who successfully ran a raffle to help towards getting the Enjin word out in Brazil. Great to see the wider community innovate to help spread the Enjin love.

Thanks for reading and ENJoy!

Efeito Borboleta (cAoS)


Please note, the spotlight series is not an endorsement from me for any of these projects. I do not get paid from the interviewees and it is not advice, a review, or shilling of a project. It is just an article platform for Enjineers and Enjenpreneurs to speak openly about what they are doing within the Enjin Ecosystem. DYOR.

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