Meltelbrot #40 – Sam’s big giveaway October 20!!! Help out where you can:) Spirit Clash sneak peek inside.

Today I’m having a quick chat with Sam, who’s been a very active Enjin community member and helped out in heaps of ways in the space. He’s currently the Community Manager at Spirit Clash & Everything Enjin, and is also known for his many giveaways over his time spent with the community. Normally I just do an interview a week, but this mini mid-week melt (for lack of a better title;) is because we will be talking about Sam’s last giveaway starting October 20 on his TwitchTV. With Sam having helped so many, I wanted to help where I could, and get the word out, so let’s all get behind him and make the last one the best!!! Read on 🙂

But first the giveaway…this time as a mini but unique giveaway, one random winner will receive a Meltelbrot Mike if they’ve followed, retweet this article, and add their ENJ/ETH Collectible Address as a reply on Meltelbrot twitter


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Thanks for chatting today Sam, first thing I ask everyone is – what’s your background in gaming and / or gaming development?

I have been gaming my whole life, everything from Pokemon and Yugioh, to Counter Strike and Diablo. Blockchain has pushed my love for gaming/investing into overdrive.

There’s been heaps of us who found their way to Enjin and wanted to more actively participate – how did you find out about Enjin? And what is it about this community that keeps you here?

Gods Unchained held a conference showcasing their cards as digital assets using the Enjin wallet. I thought that was very cool so I started looking into it. I actually met Voltriph (from Spirit Clash) on the GU Discord. Shortly after, I found CryptoFights, where I met Jax, Nhinestreams, and many other great community members. Making friends/connections is what keeps me going here.

I first met you due to your involvement with Everything Enjin, what’s the journey been like so far?

It’s been great! Unfortunately some of our biggest projects are on hold until Enjin games are fully launched. Soon we’ll be expanding to more projects other than Enjin. Big things ahead!

You’ve been heavily involved with Spirit Clash and helping out heaps with giveaways. What’s your favourite part of this involvement?

I’ve done Social Media Marketing for many years. When you combine that, working with friends, and hosting giveaways? Well it doesn’t get much better than that.

Any juicy details you can release here?

Development is coming along great. Single player mode is nearly complete. We’re getting some different graphics for backgrounds & animations commissioned. And our presale is coming very soon. That’s all I can say for now 😉

What’s the game you are most excited about that is to be released? Other than Spirit Clash ha

Forgotten Artifacts!

What’s your top 5 favourite gaming assets?

Overlord of Virtues (Spirit Clash)
Harvester of Sorrow (Forgotten Artifacts)
Shadow Model I (Tradesmith)
Archspire (The Multiverse)
Winter Chest (Forest Knight)

These new age gaming assets and their subsequent giveaways have been a massive part of engagement with the various online gaming communities. From your experience, what are the main points to be aware of when hosting giveaways?

Get creative! Everyone likes free things, but if you really want to keep peoples attention, shake things up by doing raffles, playing games, streaming, hosting contests, etc.

Now like I said above, you are about to embark on your last giveaway. I must admit this came as a shock to myself so had to reach out and know why. So I got to ask why the last?

This is a delicate subject. I’m not rich, in fact quite the opposite. Most of my giveaways I send my own items, that I pay for with my paychecks, collecting recycling, selling things on eBay, etc. Over the past year I’ve given away thousands of ENJ worth of items. I love this community, and I love being able to give things away. But the sad truth is I can’t afford to keep going.

I can totally understand that Sam, all good things come to an end, but each end has a new beginning 🙂 Being a final hurray, what does this last giveaway entail and what’s it all about?

This will be a week-long giveaway on my Twitch, starting October 20, covering all areas of blockchain gaming assets. A testament to everything my giveaways have been about. We’ll be playing marbles, doing raffles, and much more. I currently have 308 ERC-1155 assets, and many ERC-20/721 tokens to give out for this.

This giveaway will be big, and lots of items to send, so any collectibles, ETH gas fees, or ENJ fees would all be appreciated! I’d love for as many who can to get involved. This is the QR for my giveaway wallet and the address is 0xb686cbB158c0511C2d8e437a8f6B4F3C1076dE69

I’ll definitely add some items!! Bigger the better 🙂 Talking about big! With the Enjin Marketplace being launched, how have you found it’s use?

There are some UI improvements to be made, but overall it’s an excellent way to trade your gaming assets. Personally I’ve bought and sold many things already and it will only get better.

What’s in the future for Sambam? Can we still expect to see you around the multiverse?

Absolutely. I have a lot of love for everything blockchain. I am the Community Manager for Spirit Clash, and I plan to get involved with many more projects. I am not going anywhere.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readership?

If you want to be more involved with Enjin or other blockchain projects, put yourself out there. You never know what you might find.

That’s very true! The space is growing and many projects are looking for people wanting to make a change and help decentralise this world bit by bit!! Best of luck with it all Sam, and I look forward to seeing the final hurray 🙂 but I’m glad you’ll still be here, and giving the space your energy. That’s the most important thing! So everyone to support Sam, scan the QR and send him any tokens of appreciation for what he’s done so far, and keep an eye out on his twitchTV for future updates. ENJoy!

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