Metapolis – The Upcoming Zilliqa Metaverse

Today, we will talk about "Metapolis," an upcoming metaverse powered by a leading L1 blockchain, Zilliqa!

Today, we will talk about “Metapolis,” an upcoming metaverse powered by a leading L1 blockchain, Zilliqa!

Minutes ago, from the time of the writing, Sandra, who is the Head of the Metaverse and NFT of Zilliqa, tweeted, “Are you ready?… Because we are.”

This tweet signaled that the metaverse’s launch is just around the corner. So let’s go further in detail regarding this upcoming metaverse.

Metapolis, whose suffix means ‘city’ in our native language, Greek, will be a metaverse designed as a cutting-edge extended reality (XR metaverse)- an amalgamation of AR and VR — and is powered by Zilliqa’s scalable and secure blockchain platform.

A self-sustaining metaverse that will also offer users plenty of activities to have fun with and enable Play-to-Earn features. The city of Metapolis will host some unique custom-designed domes, such as e-stores, games, artists, concepts, advertisements, etc. 

“The metaverse isn’t about replacing reality. It is about bettering our relationship with the digital world. Beyond the sharing-culture that social media has unleashed, this world looks at reducing the gaps present in our ‘real’ economy — gaps around access to value creation and fair pay. It will add layers of interaction to professional and personal lives — with shared value and incentive-driven models at its heart. Metapolis is building such a world, and we’re very proud of it.”

Dr. Ben Livshits, CEO, Zilliqa.

Your character in Metapolis will be represented by an NFT avatar, which will be fully customizable, finally reflecting your unique style and appearance.

Those were some information regarding the Metapolis metaverse. The only thing that matters now is the launch date, so get ready to learn more about this unique project!

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