Mirandus VOX Drop by Gala Games on December 6th

Mirandus VOX Drop

Gala Games will host a Mirandus VOX Avatar sale on December 6, featuring 8,888 unique collectibles NFTs. Mirandus VOX Drop is the second sale after the Town Star inaugural series, while more sales will come for other games soon.

Gala games is building a VOX world where you can play using your Avatar in the Metaverse and earn VOX coins. You can also use these VOX NFTs in other games on the Gala ecosystem and earn extra rewards. When the Town Star Play-To-Earn Season 2 launches, you can place your Mirandus VOX in Town Star to complete daily challenges and generate more TOWN tokens.

The sale will take place in the Gala Games store and will be only 8,888 Mirandus VOX ever in existence. Once they are sold out, the only way to acquire them is by other players. 

The Mirandus Avatar VOX sale starts on December 6 at 2 pm PST, and you can reveal your VOX on Thursday, December 16. To be eligible for the sale, you must have a Gala Games account loaded with GALA Tokens. The only currency allowed in the sale is GALA, but you also need an amount of ETH to pay the gas fees, to be sure, make sure you have over 200$ in ETH as sometimes fees can get extremely expensive. Each VOX chest will cost 0.888 ETH but equivalent in GALA.

Visit the sale page.

VOX Avatar DeFi Mechanics

Besides the play to earn rewards in Town Star and Mirandus, you can also use your VOX avatars to claim passive income rewards. Locking Gala coins in your VOX Avatar will earn VOX coins rewards.

About VOX Avatars

Each VOX is a unique avatar stored in the Ethereum network in the form of ERC-721 token. Each VOX is randomly generated and has unique traits ensuring that no VOX will look the same as another.

The VOX Coin

VOX will generate VOXcoin, the currency for the whole Gala Games metaverse. You will be able to trade VOX coins for other cryptocurrencies.