MixMob: Racer 1 Reveals Latest Alpha Release With Lots of New Features

MixMob: Racer 1 alpha release also came with lots of new features, including a multiplayer mode, a new Greek-themed park, new cards, and a new ingenious way to invite your non-MixMob NFT holders to play the game. Stay tuned as races are about to start!
MixMob: Racer 1 Reveals Latest Alpha Release With Lots of New Features

MixMob just announced the Alpha release of its Racer 1 game. After lots and lots of hard work and dedication to this second Alpha release, the development team of MixMob: Racer 1 called this release V2 because the original Alpha V1 occurred back in April with a successful three week-run! It is also notable to say that in the V1 Alpha release, over 60% of all MixMob NFT holders participated with an average of 14 minutes of gameplay per session.

Now with the V2 just around the corner, users can experience many new features, such as a PvP (Player vs. Player) mode, new cards, and many more. Let’s get into detail!

MixMob Alpha V2 Trailer

MixMob: Racer 1 New Features

Multiplayer Feature:

  • This new feature will let users choose whether they want to compete against the AI or a real-time player. The PvP function will be limited to two sets of two-hour windows weekly on Thursday and Friday. Single player will be available 24/7.

A New Greek-Themed Track:

  • Players now have the option to switch up their gameplay with a new environment to compete in, with the theme being Greek mythology.

New Card Deck & Enhanced Cards:

  • There is an addition with a debuting brand new deck. The changes include 3D projectile speed boosts, further UI improvements, improved cards, health system rebalance, and pulse pips. 

LeaderBoard & Prizes:

  • The top 25 players with the most matches won in a week will be rewarded with fame and rewards! PvE & PvP leaderboards are different.


  • Tournaments are scheduled once a week, and players can earn up to 75 $SOL in rewards.

Referral System:

  • Now you can invite your friends to join the game and earn rewards for doing so. Only Gen0 Mask NFT holders can invite players.