My Defi Pet Bans Almost 3000 Accounts & Resets Inactive Ones

My Defi Pet Bans

As blockchain gaming is evolving, so are the ways players apply to exploit the games.

My Defi Pet has announced that they are constantly concerned about the game and player fairness in all ways. The famous game made a judgment and decided to ban and reset inactive accounts to level 1 with many resources and without pets for an extended period.

A total of 2985 accounts were banned, while 7711 have been reset back to level 1.

New Updates

Remaining to the same project, My Defi Pet has also announced some new upgrades on their game server logic, following some great changes.

  • Game Server: The server is now safe and more stable by upgrading the new server system.
  • Arena Update: Allow users to search for each other (real users), and many bugs were fixed while the battle improved.
  • Silver Paw Bank: Max upgrade now will be level 11.
  • Changes & Bugs fixed: Spirits equipped to the pets now don’t disappear and optimize scene in-game to improve performance when playing the game.

More updates will be announced soon!

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