Non-Fungible Drugs Review: A Play-To-Earn Drugs Selling Game

Non-Fungible Drugs Review

Non-Fungible Drugs is a play-to-earn game on the WAX blockchain where players have to produce, collect, and sell digital drugs to become Drug Lords or Drug Ladies in a world called Pheebo. 

This place is like no other. Here, drugs are entirely legal and are the leading economic resource. Every player’s task is to run a profitable drug business through their gang members who would help them transport and sell NFDs all around the in-game world.

But who came up with this name? The ghost of famous mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. After escaping from his dull afterlife, he wanted to do something fun, so he made a Blockchain Planet where everything ran on mathematical rules. Fibonacci had to find someone who could manage and run Pheebo – and that’s where Lord Pablo comes in.

Lord Pablo is on a mission to build the NFD – Syndicate in Pheebo to give the residents an environment where they can get wealthy and grow their drugs business.

Pheebo – An Imaginary Where Drugs Are The Way Of Life

Pheebo is divided into 9 territories, each associated with a specific Non-Fungible Drug. The beta version will have 2 territories: WEED and HASH. Each Territory will have its own ranking system based on sales and production stats. 

Territories are divided into Cities, which are further divided into Neighbourhoods. All production takes place in Cities’ Neighbourhoods, where players will be able to mint various drugs with different levels of rarities by using other game NFTs like 3D printers and Henchmen. Drugs are then supplied to Cities and sold in markets.

Players can become members of the NFD – Syndicate by purchasing a contract. This will give them voting rights and earn them a share of the total revenue generated from that Territory. Players can also buy Neighborhoods and receive bonuses when new drugs are minted on their plot.

Blending Non-Fungible Drugs

Players can blend different NFD and NFT cards even before the game’s launch on NeftyBlocks.

Cards have three levels of rarity: Commons, Silver, and Gold and weights start from a microdose (MD) of 0.1 gram and go to 1 OZ (29 GR) and 1 KG (1000 GR).

Players can combine 2 Common NFDs for 1 Silver NFD, and 2 Silver NFDs for 1 Gold NFD. This feature will allow them to reduce the time taken for transportation of the drug. 

Let’s suppose a specific Commons NFD takes two days to transport from WEED-land to HASH-land. If a player upgrades the rarity to Silver, it will take one day for transportation. 

Weights can be blended as well. NFDs with smaller weights can be blended or combined together to form bigger ones. For instance, 1000 GR of a specific NFD can be combined to form a single 1 KG packet of that drug.

Non-Fungible Drugs Vault and Staking Feature

According to the Whitepaper, Vault will be the first available feature of the game. Vault will allow early adopters of the game to collect different NFDs through airdrops, campaigns, and events to stake their NFDs and earn rewards.

Players will be able to stake a specific amount and type of NFDs with an option to claim their NFDs back anytime they want. However, depending on game events and periods, sometimes may or may not give rewards and profits.

Check out the official Non-Fungible Drugs whitepaper.