OpenSea Adds eBay-style English Auctions

OpenSea is the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles with more than 1,200,000 digital assets and 4,000 ETH in transaction volume until now. Users can buy and sell digital assets in the fastest-growing marketplace that has already added over 50 asset types.

The value of an item depends on the market demand, but what is the right price to sell it? Until now, only the seller was able to set the price.

OpenSea by adding English Auctions provides sellers with the opportunity to let the buyers compete with each other and whoever bids the most, wins the item. In addition, OpenSea will auto-match the highest bid with the auction, to provide a gas-free transaction for both buyers and sellers.

Give it a try! Register now an account in OpenSea, a place where collectors are looking for rare digital items and gamers can find assets they are missing to proceed in their favorite blockchain game or sell the extra items for a profit without middlemen and the safety provided by the world largest crypto collectibles marketplace.

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How exactly does an English Auctions work, Seller, lists an item for a minimum price and accepts the highest bid after a predefined period of time. eBay made that type of auction very popular for physical items and now OpenSea users can have the same experience with their digital assets!

“English” and “Dutch” are now the two main type of auctions in OpenSea so a new feature, the bundle offers is also added.
Bundle works on Dutch Auctions and fixed-price listings and gives the buyers the opportunity to suggest prices they’re willing to pay on an item.

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