P2E Game Chainmonsters Pause Development

P2E Game Chainmonsters Pauses Development

In a bittersweet turn of events, Chainmonsters, the Pokemon-inspired game, announced they’re hitting the brakes on their development. The recent land sale was a major letdown, and it seems like not every game from the play-to-earn boom of 2021 will make it big.

While we’re always hearing about exciting new game launches, minting events, and updates in the web3 gaming world, sometimes there’s news that brings us down – like the pause in Chainmonsters’ journey.

This game kicked off with a Genesis sale back in 2021, but things haven’t been easy since then. They haven’t managed to get any more venture capital funding and have been relying on the money from that initial sale. When their land sale in March 2023 didn’t go as planned, it was clear that tough times were ahead. They can’t even keep their game servers up and running anymore, so Chainmonsters is officially shutting down. But they’re still holding onto hope for a future comeback.

Pausing development usually means game over, but Chainmonsters isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet. They’ve got all the game and account progress backed up, so if they manage to revive the game, players can jump right back in where they left off.

It must’ve been a tough announcement to make, but props to the Chainmonsters team for being upfront about it. Some indie developers vanish without a word, leaving their players hanging.

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a massively multiplayer online RPG where players catch, battle, trade, explore and combine different types of monsters and abilities to create strong chain reactions.

The game is being developed by B-Side Games and will be playable on all available devices, including PC, MAC, Android, and iOS. Catch, collect, and battle with your unique creatures (NFTs) and experience the dynamic and ever-evolving open world of the Chainmonsters islands.