P2E MOBA Carnage Carnival Shifts to Myria Gaming Ecosystem

Carnage Carnival chose Myria for its high-end security, transaction speed, and zero gas fees!
P2E MOBA Carnage Carnival Shifts to Myria Gaming Ecosystem

Carnage Carnival is an upcoming free-to-play MOBA game initially built on the BNB chain. The game has sharp cartoon graphics and eye-popping colors. The developers of Carnage Carnival announced that the free-to-play MOBA game is currently being built on the Myria blockchain. They also stated that the game’s NFT digital assets can now be minted as ERC-21 tokens on Myria!

Carnage Carnival X Myria L2

From now on, the developers of Carnage Carnival can easily integrate the game on Myria, having enhanced benefits like scaling, zero gas fees, high-end security, and, most importantly, faster and easier transactions!

Myria’s SDKs will also assist the developers with coding problems, as NFT collections and other projects won’t need much coding!

Myria’s blockchain promises instant and secure trades, 0 gas fee transactions for NFTs – blockchain, and most importantly, a 100% carbon neutral blockchain!

With over 150+ employees made up of gaming and blockchain industry veterans from Ubisoft, EA, Riot Games, Blizzard, and Chainlink, Myria is not kidding about something so big and innovative. Their dedication is also shown by only looking at the partnerships they established.