Planet Mojo: Autochess Metaverse by LucasArts, EA & Activision Veterans

With a Press Release last week, Mystic Moose announced a $5M funding from Animoca Brands and Courtside Ventures to develop the Metaverse game Planet Mojo.

It seems that Planet Mojo is not another blockchain-based game as Mystic Moose is founded by an award-winning team of Veterans from EA, LucasArts, and Activision.

Planet Mojo is an Auto Chess game featuring PvP and PvE mechanics taking place in a mysterious new, alien world that players can discover and compete in various interconnected games.

The game will take advantage of the Augmented Reality technology and players will be able to play using any modern browser. Using the Non-Fungible token technology for the in-game assets, owners will be able to fully own their teams and participate in play-to-earn tournaments.

Play-To-Own Gameplay. Image Source: Planet Mojo Website.

The Planet Mojo universe will feature a series of interconnected games, thus that’s why it’s called Metaverse with assets being interoperable across the games of the Metaverse.

While it’s still very early with the roadmap and whitepaper not yet released, Planet Mojo aims to reward big early adopters with multiple “wonderful” perks and early game access. It’s worth mentioning that Planet Mojo is going to be a community-driven game.

As a team who has lived on the bleeding edge of games, we believe blockchain gaming represents the next paradigm shift for the videogame industry. While still largely misunderstood by traditional gamers, the player-owned assets and economies, play-to-earn, and decentralization segments will take community and gaming to the next level. On top of our project residing on a gas-free solution, we will also donate portions of our proceeds to eco-friendly organizations because we want Planet Mojo to become a force for good in the world.

Mike Levine, CEO of Mystic Moose.

The first NFT sale will take place in Q1 2022 with 10,000 generative 3D animated “Mojos” in the form of NFTs. These Mojos will be usable in the metaverse games of Planet Mojo and they will also come with various early perks.

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