Polkacity Staking Contribution Is Live!

Polkacity Staking Contribution Is Live
Buy land plots in Polkacity's Metaverse.

Polkacity announced on November 20 their collaboration with Ferrum Network for a BSC & ETH staking program and their Metaverse Land Sale.

Right now, the contribution period is live, and you can start depositing your $POLC tokens to take part in their exclusive Metaverse Land Sale.

In order to take part in the Land Sale, you must deposit an exact amount of $POLC tokens on Polkacity’s website, depending on the size of the land plot you want to purchase.

The prices and sizes of the land plots are:

  1. Pool: 500 units small metaplot 1500 POLC fixed price (300 units in BSC and 200 units in ETH)
  2. Pool: 125 units medium metaplots, 6000 POLC fixed price (75 units in BSC and 50 units in ETH)
  3. Pool: 25 units large metaplots, 30,000 POLC fixed price (15 units in BSC and ten units in ETH)
  4. Pool: 7 units extra large metaplots, 60,000 POLC fixed price (4 units in BSC and 3 units in ETH)

The contribution period will be live till 05.12 5 PM UTC. At the same time, the staking process will begin and last for a month.

In addition, Polkacity’s token $POLK is now listed on KuCoin Exchange, and the trading pair POLC/USDT will be supported on November 30 for trading and December 1 for withdrawal.