Post Malone Spends $800k on “Magic: The Gathering” Card and It’s Not Even an NFT


Post Malone has just bought a Black Lotus card in Magic: The Gathering and paid $800,000 for it. This makes it the most expensive card in the game. 

Post Malone’s Love for Magic: The Gathering

Post Malone has been an active player and advocate of the strategy card game. He played the game on a Game Knights episode and collaborated with the game this year to reboot Friday Night Magic.

If you still think the rapper isn’t a huge fan of this game, let us tell you the purchase he just made. 

Post Malone was talking about his new album and they started talking about Magic: The Gathering. Here’s what he said:

Post: “We play some Apex Legends… We go look at Magic: The Gathering Cards”

Howard: “What is the highest amount of money you’ve ever paid for a Magic: The Gathering card?”

Post: “(smiles) $800,000… it was an artist’s print … Chris Rush-signed Black Lotus”

The Black Lotus card has been known – it was only printed in Alpha and Beta and now, it is in the reserved list. 

What makes this card so expensive? Well, because it’s so rare. First of all, since it’s sitting on the reserved list, it is highly unlikely that it will be reprinted in the future. Also, it is signed by the artist which makes it even rarer. 

The card is so overpowered that it is banned from every format in MTG – this makes it very controversial in the community. 

Post Malone’s purchase is probably one of the worst buys in history, not only he paid close to a million dollars, but he doesn’t even have complete ownership of this card. It’s a typical in-game card, not an NFT.

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