Random Games Company Raises $7.6M To Launch “The Unioverse”

Random Games Company Raises .6M To Launch

Tony Harman and Wyeth Ridgway are the veterans behind Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto, Terminator, and Star Wars; the pair has started Random Games Company to build The Unioverse that might blow up in the metaverse space. 

In a seed funding round co-led by Asymmetric and Resolute Ventures, the new startup by the industry veterans secured $7.6 million in funding. 2 Punks Capital, David Jones (renowned game developer), Polygon, and ID345 also participated in the round.

“We’re very excited to back such a strong team and are looking forward to watching them build a franchise that is literally changing the economics of gaming…In the Unioverse, blockchain technology is organically and thoughtfully incorporated and will change the name of the game in the entertainment economy.”  

Asymmetric CEO Joe McCann

Random Games is all set to build a blockchain-enabled and community-owned game franchise that will change the way how developers and gamers interact. As The Unioverse goes live, there will be royalty-free assets for gamers and developers. 

At first, a series of video games will be released in the new franchise. The games will contain AAA graphics, unique characters (mostly high-quality), models, and music scores that anyone can download to use in their own creation. Also, they will be able to sell their creation as they will have full rights over them.

“Imagine if Marvel released character art and 3D models and told fans to go make – and profit from – their fan films and comics…That’s how big this idea is. We have a team of world-class writers, artists, and developers building the Unioverse and we are basically giving it away.”

Tony Harman.

To reinvent the gaming business, the Unioverse will also incorporate NFTs where players can purchase, sell, and trade their avatars as NFTs. The avatar NFTs will have huge utility as they will be operable across the Unioverse.