Ready Player Motorsports Unveils New League Trophies

A white Mach1 Car by Ready Player Motorsports

The first images of the new Racing Player Motorsports (RPM), League trophies were released and will be awarded to players with the highest team total team points and best driver! 

These racing trophies are:

  • Golden Helmet: This award is pure gold mined deep within the RPM metaverse and is awarded to the best driver each season, based on the current statistics: wins, points, poles!
  • Silver Osmoto: This award was designed by RPM’s design team to match our current era’s trophies and is awarded to the team with the highest total points each season!

Keep in mind that to join the RPM Racing League, you are required to be a part of a league team or start your own team!

About Ready Player Motorsports

Ready Player Motorsports is a first-person racing game with play-to-earn rewards and player-owned assets using NFTs. The game’s first stage features cars from previous eras that became legendary in the racing space. 

RPM as a driving game will be skilled-based, and players will be required to own an NFT car and pay an entrance fee using the RPM Token to enter a race. RPM Token is based on Polygon and used across the ecosystem as gasoline for the racing cars, the token to pay for car upgrades, and as the medium to reward players.

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