Sega’s “Super Game” May Include NFTs


Sega, a Japanese multinational video game company, has opened up about their new “Super Game” projects in which they plan to encapsulate more than one game.  

Secretive in the past, “Super Game” projects will now have AAA and multi-platform titles. Some of the titles will have NFTs and Cloud streaming/gaming. 

The “Super Game” initiative was revealed by Sega last year, but at that time, not much was revealed about the titles. 

According to Shuji Utsumi, Executive Vice President at Sega, “Super Game” refers to more than one game that’ll be released over the next five years. The titles released under the Super Game banner will have AAA mechanics and graphics and some of them will have in-game NFTs.

When they first announced their “Super Game” project last year in May, they only mentioned that project will be a strategy for the next five years. Although, it was November last year when Sega announced their future plans to collaborate with Xbox to produce large-scale games. For cloud gaming, they plan to use Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

Sega GM, Katsuya Hisai, predicts the number of employees in his gaming department will increase to a few hundred, from around 50 as the gaming project expands and crosses the intitial stage.

Sega Games and NFTs (Could be a reality?)

Sega Producer, Masatoshi Kikuchi, explained the expansion of video games via social networking and video game streaming and viewing. 

In the future, Kikuchi thinks that video games will expand via other means such as NFTs and Cloud Gaming. According to Sega producer, new Sega games will be developed while taking into account how far different games can connect to each other. 

It is a natural extension for the future of gaming that it will expand to involve new areas such as cloud gaming and NFTs“, Kikuchi added. 

The General Manager has been very careful with his words by not directly saying that Sega will feature NFTs in their future titles but the question is, “Did he just tease NFTs into future Sega titles?” Who Knows.