Spells of Genesis To Launch Cards Sale on Ethereum


Spells of Genesis is a TCG game that doesn’t require an introduction. The first of its kind on the blockchain, it allowed players to convert their in-game cards into blockchain-based digital assets in 2017.

Today, EverdreamSoft announced their intentions to integrate Ethereum blockchain, start a presale in mid-February and team up with DappRadar, a dapp analytics website to further promote their game.

The game is currently played by around 1.3k active players on iOS and Android devices.

About Spells of Genesis

SoG can proudly claim the title of the first blockchain-based game. A TCG with point-and-shoot aspects that has inspired a wave of decentralized TCGs in various blockchains.

The gameplay contains a series of levels within a mountain area that gets unlocked as you proceed. Challenge your friends, random enemies and play against the game in card battles.

Collect and combine cards to create a strong deck. SoG features both blockchain and non-blockchain cards. To move a card on the blockchain, you will have to fuse it with four others and reach its maximum potentials.

Spells of Genesis will start the first round of presale in mid-February with exclusive NFT collectibles.

The Crystal Spark

Crystal Spark is an open-source software collection developed by EverdreamSoft and thanks to this, the company can easily gather data from different blockchains and present them to players in a simplified way. This way, EDS hopes to attract less tech-savvy players in the blockchain gaming scene.


George Tsagkarakis
George Tsagkarakishttp://egamers.io
George has a native interest in emerging technologies and he's a strong advocate of decentralization. He is a co-founder and manager of egamers.io.
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